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  • Personally, completing the Master in Applied Mathematics was a very enriching experience for my profession (a middle school teacher in mathematics). Being able to carry out my thesis with a topic from my area and all the unconditional support received from my guide teacher (Dr. Emilio Cariaga), make me remember this educational instance in a very good way. Success in all! (Mg. Marigen Gutiérrez)

  • In my last job, it did help me to have an MMA degree. It was in the mining sector, holding the position of Modeling and Optimization Engineer. (Mg. Norman Vergaray)

  • In general, in the academic context, postgraduate studies are a basic requirement. Therefore, having obtained this master's degree has helped me and will help me grow more in the place where I work. (Mg. Diego Reyes)

  • The developed program was the appropriate training stage to make the necessary academic leap. It also allows you to be prepared to continue studying if you decide to do so. (Mg. Joaquín Oporto)

  • A good program. (Mg. Paulina Huala)

  • The Master’s program has been relevant in both getting a job in university teaching and to enter postgraduate training programs. (Mg. Noemí Cárcamo)

  • Today, I am doing research. Following the research area of the porous media and the use of water, started with the AFE and subsequent publication. (Mg. Leonardo Vásquez)

  • During the magister, I was able to expand my network of contacts which led me to study a postgraduate degree abroad. (Mg. Carlos Torres)
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